Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day Akron Ohio

Inclement Weather

Bad Weather Venues for Saturday Night Meeting

The Founders Day Committee works hard to ensure everyone’s safety and it is an enjoyable weekend. Four (4) of the last eight (8) years the Saturday night big meeting has been affected by rain and lightning, due to this we have deceided to designate 3 alternative locations for the meeting to be held, in the event of bad weather. Committee members along with Akron U will meet at noon Saturday and make a determination using the best weather forcast as to where the meeting will be held. An announcement will then be made at the 2:00 meeting in the JAR!

Your designated alternative location will be on your “Big Meeting Ticket”! Approximately the first 5300 registrations will be placed in the JAR. The next 2900 will be placed in EJ Thomas Hall, and the next 500 in Leigh Hall. Additional venues will be determined if needed for attendence over 8250. Registering early will help secure your spot. We will not honor your requests to switch alternantive locations, what is printed on your ticket is your location.

Hopefully the weather will be beautiful, and the alternantive locations will not be used and we can all enjoy an eveing of fellowship together outdoors in the stadium!

Thank You, your Founders Day Committee

We’re all looking forward to having our friends back with us this year to celebrate the gift of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are working hard to ensure that this is the best, most secure, and unified Founders’ Day ever.

Love & Service — The Founders’ Day Committee
Akron Area Intergroup Council