Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What is the address of the University of Akron?

A. Founders’ Day activities are held at: University of Akron | 302 Buchtel Common | Akron, OH 44325.

Refund Questions

Q. Can I get a refund for my Basic Registration?

A. No. All Sales on Basic Registration are final and not refundable.

Q. Can I get a refund on my Package Plan A or B?

A. Yes, however there is a $35 cancellation charge. Refunds may be requested in writing only by mail or email and must be postmarked prior to May 15, 2023.


Mailing Address: Founders’ Day Treasurer | Akron Intergroup | P.O. Box 12 | Akron, OH 44309-0012

Housing Questions

Q. If I fly in on Thursday can I get my Package Plan then?

A. No. Founders’ Day begins Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.

Q. Can I get a single room?

A. No. Single occupancy rooms are not available.

Q. Is there bedding for housing?

A. Yes. One thin pillow, a bed sheet set and blanket are provided for each guest.

Q. Do the beds adjust?

A. No. All beds are at a fixed height of 42 inches.

Q. Are the rooms wheelchair friendly?/

A. All of the dorms have elevators and doorways designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Q. Do all the dorm rooms have private bathrooms?

A. Yes.

Q. Are towels provided?

A. Yes, one hand and one bath towel are provided for each guest.

Q. Are there hair dryers?

A. No.

Q. Are there toiletries included in accommodations?

A. No.

Q. Are there refrigerators in the rooms?

A. No and there are none available.

Q. Can I bring a coffee maker?

A. Yes.