Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day Akron Ohio

Al-Anon Meetings From 2019


Al-Anon Panel : Concepts

9:00 am – 1:00 pm Olin Hall

Chaired by Irena H.

Marathon Al-Anon Meeting

Come share your experience, strength and hope!

2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Olin Hall

Chaired by Amber A. and Dan C.


Al-Anon Sponsorship Panel

9:30 am Olin Hall

Pat A., Cheryl B., Julie C.

Chaired by Dan C.

Al-Anon Speaker Meeting

12:00 pm E.J. Thomas Hall

Dain & Rhonda J. – Rocky Hill, CT

Al-Anon Band

2:00 pm Olin Hall

12 Songs of Recovery

The 12 Steppers – Columbus OH

Chris M. – Piano, Vocals

Tony J. – Mandolin, Flute

Mike S. – Drums

TL V. – Bass Guitar

Intro by Cathy C.

Alateen Meeting

3:00 pm Olin Hall

Chaired by Wendy Y.